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View an amazing collection of Neodymium Glass. A rare earth, (element #60) used in Laser rods, and lenses to color correct light. art designs etc.

 These Laser Rods/Discs were from an unclassified government project, and have unsurpassed qualities; being not just the grade of Neodymium Glass used, but with exact specifications, and polishing requirements.

 Uses include, lasing, scientific-historical memorabilia from an incredible experiment at Lawrence Livermore Labs with the Shiva Laser. Our rods and glass come from this experiment.

Also used as eye protection accessories for welding and glass blowing, art and object displaying, and the powers of violet-ray healing, along with the incredible "looking glass" abilities.

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  Shipping, and Insurance is 5%. Special Delivery and International orders 25%.

  The shipping and insurance is free on:

  • Orders over $500
  • Orders over $1000 also receive  5% price discount,
  • Orders over $2000 also receive 10% price discount
  • Orders over $3000 also receive 15% price discount

  How to pay for your orders:

  • You can pay for your orders through paypal or credit cards via paypal. Just send us an email and we will make arrangements to accept the payment.

  There is a 1-2 week delivery time, unless 2nd. day is specified.
Thank you.


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